Stars Edge

HR 8832

Episode 2

The TSAV-0005 Valor arrives in their first extrasolar system as their first mission. The system has a handful of planets besides their target world, but none of much interest. The survey team is organized and a recon flight of the habitable world in a shuttle is assigned to Calixta and Zavvria Aschi. However the Valor itself will follow behind as they launch on the way inward to the planet and then proceed to do it’s own scans. If successful the recon flight would return and a second group of survey teams would be sent down to the best ground sites.

Calixta and Zavvria Aschi’s recon flight is changed when they nearly collide with an object that was floating in space near the planet. Upon taking a closer look the object they found is in fact an artificial object emitting faint traces of radiation and heavily shielded to remain undetected to most convention scans. Upon making this discovery a fission explosion occurs just off the Valor’s port side. It had been yet another one of these objects, which tells them these are in fact some time of fission space mines.

A series scan reveals that they are surrounded by mines, including one laying on the hull near the secondary bridge. Harlee Qn17 and Fae are sent to take care of the mine on the hull while Calixta and Zavvria Aschi are assigned the task of moving sufficient mines out of the way so the Valor can escape the minefield. While they start an unknown ships appears on the edge of their sensors and simply seems to watch them.

When they finally clear sufficient mines and take care of the one on the hull, the unknown ship moves toward them as they exit the minefield. It remains silent as it closes on their position and when it gets within ‘weapons range’ it finally sends a short message to the Valor. The Valor heads out of the system as the unknown destroyer follows them. By the time the leave they decode the alien language sufficiently to understand it said “We are the ”/campaign/stars-edge/wikis/torvaka-empire" class=“wiki-page-link”> TorvaKa Empire . We claim this system among many others. Today you live so you can spread the fear of us."


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