Stars Edge

Outward Bound

Episode 1

(Quick Note: None of my players have wanted to post, so I’m writing the synopsis instead)

What has gone before:
Zavvria Aschi, Harlee Qn17, Calixta, and Fae meet Shadey Rei and Mercedes Lane on their senior trip up from the TSA Training Academy to the construction dock for the TSA-0005 Valor on the moon. The ship had been outwardly finished and certain key staff were already on board, the cadets were brought on to get experience on a working vessel. Several members of the group meet Ashley Evans and Mizzy. In general however the ship is less than combat ready.

Suddenly an announcement of an alien ship entering the system broadcasting a friendly greeting occurs and causes some disruption to the training schedule. The alien ship moves toward Earth and when moving past the Valor within it’s dock on the moon it opens fires and destroys the primary command tower, with the entire command staff in it. The Alien ship also sends down a shuttle to the Valor to make sure it stays out of the way. Shadey Rei proceeds to rally the crew, including the players, into bringing the ship online and kicking the invaders off the ship to help in Earth’s defense.

The first task is to bring the ships AI online while engineering restores power that was knocked offline in the strike. The players go to meet Shadey Rei outside the Artificial Intelligence room, encountering a group of armored troops on the way and then again outside the AI room where Shadey Rei was pinned down by such a group. After dispatching the troops they proceed to get the Valor AI online for the first time. It accesses the ships systems and helps them rest control of the ship from boarders.

The players then move back to the hangar deck to ready what few small craft are onboard while Shadey Rei gets the ship moving. Once it lifts off the Valor moves closer to Earth where the Alien ship is already beating down the UTG ships trying to defend the planet. The Valor launches it’s handful of fighters and scattering of shuttles and joins the fray. After a pitched battle the Alien ship is destroyed and the players take a brief rest as the TSA command recovers from the incident.

In the end many cadets have their lives changed by this day, including our players, but none more than Shadey Rei, who through the Valor AI’s recommendation becomes the new captain of the Valor. TSA command is not exactly happy she took over, but has little choice after the cadets saved the day.


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