Stars Edge

The Dark Star

Episode 3

Part 1:

The Valor suddenly drops out of FTL and a collision alert warning sounds as everyone inside the ship is tossed around like rag dolls from sudden deceleration. As officers slowly get medical teams and engineering teams sent out to find out the damage to the ship, they realize they just barely avoided running into a Dyson Sphere. One that enclosed the star inside it and hence was impossible to see from a distance.

The system itself, or at least what part is outside the sphere, showed signs that the sphere was created several million years ago. Even those who don’t understand the staggering engineering behind this sight decide that it’s incredibly impressive. It’s also fairly dangerous and needs to be recorded so travelers don’t run into it.

The Engineering teams decide it will be a few weeks to repair the structural damage from the sudden stop at of FTL and so Shadey Rei decides to send 2 teams of 6 people down to the sphere to see what they can find while waiting.


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