Stars Edge

The Falling Star

intermission 1

(Quick Note: We were originally missing 2 players, so we went and ran a intermission episode instead.)

4 years before the TSA Training Academy, Fae and Harlee Qn17 where part of the crew of the Case vessel Miner113, a in system mining vehicle that would tour the system mining various material deposits between return trips to the Case homeworld. On it’s way past one of the moons in the system they are struck by an asteroid that went initially undetected before impact.

Fae and Harlee Qn17 are sent to identify the asteroid lodged in their engine deck while the rest of the 300 Case onboard fix the ship whose engines have gone offline due to the ruptures in the hull from the impact. As the ship is pulled into the moon’s gravity well, they make their way inward overcoming various obstacles such as ruptured plasma conduits and downed power relays.

As they proceed communications start becoming cut off with the rest of the crew on the ship. First the team working to restore power to the engines falls silent. Then random people come up missing. After this occurs Fae and Harlee Qn17 discover odd ‘growth’ along the ships hallways. They attempt to gather a sample before they are found by a bug like creature that stands on it’s rear legs much like a kangaroo. The creature pauses for a brief time before launching an attack as Harlee Qn17 tries to go for help while Fae tries to wrestle the fierce creature. This leads into a long chase through the deck until Harlee Qn17 manages to get to a weapons locker and acquire a pistol which she uses on the creature. The creature however is not dead and instead attacks Harlee Qn17 as Fae tries to subdue it. In the end they manage to finish it off, only to find most of the crew seems to be missing while they were busy with the creature.

The ship starts to bump into the atmosphere as Fae and Harlee Qn17 realize they need to get off the ship if they have any hope of survival.

To be continued…


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