Ashley Evans

Human Marine


Experience Level: Experienced

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Defining Characteristics: Courageous, Rigid

Allegiance: TSA

Assignment: TSAV-0005 Valor

Attributes: Agility 6, Intelligence 6, Perception 8, Presence 6, Strength 6, Tenacity 8

Secondary Attributes: Actions 2, Movement 11 mph (27/6 ypt), Orgone 12, Reflex 6, Vitality 12

Qualities: Alert, Ally (Military, 3), Commendation (Minor, 1), Big Ego (1), Duty (Military, 2), Fanatical (Military Allegiance, 2)

General Skills: Athletics: Adept, Bureaucracy: Novice (Focused: Military Organizations), Communications: Adept, Demolitions: Novice, Language (English): Expert, Literacy: Novice, Observation: Adept, Regional Knowledge: Novice, Stealth: Adept, Survival: Expert

Combat Skills: Armed Fighting: Novice (Focused: Daggers), Dodge: Adept, Marksman: Master, Support Weapons: Adept

Gear: RG-11 Assault Rifle, M303 Grenade Launcher, 6ea L7A2 Frag Grenades, Combat Knife – Composite, Spectrashield Heavy Combat Armor, Military Uniform


Ashley is a no nonsense person who’s rigid commitment to the military leaves little room for pursuing her own personal interests. Getting close to her is not easy. She’s all too often seen the lives of her friends snuffed out way before their time. So, earning her trust typically involves a demonstration of survivability and common sense. Nonetheless, she’s one hell of a soldier on battlefield and her courage has already earned her military honors.

Ashley Evans

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