Nazzari Mecha/Fighter Pilot


Experience Level: Experienced

Race: Nazzadi

Gender: Female

Defining Characteristics: Courageous, Impetuous

Allegiance: TSA

Assignment: TSAV-0005 Valor

Attributes: Agility 10, Intelligence 7, Perception 9, Presence 6, Strength 7, Tenacity 6

Secondary Attributes: Actions 3, Movement 15 mph (37/9 ypt), Orgone 11, Reflex 8, Vitality 11

Qualities: Alluring (1), Authority (Officer, 2), Fast, Fearless, Commendation (Lt/3), Sexy Voice (1), Duty (TSA/2), Impetuous, Rival.

General Skills: Arcanotechnician: Novice, Athletics: Adept, Communications: Adept, Computer: Novice, Education: Adept, Hobby (Skiing): Student, Language (English): Expert, Literacy: Adept, Observation: Expert, Pilot: Adept, Regional Knowledge: Adept, Savoir-Faire: Adept, Stealth: Expert, Survival: Adept Combat Skills: Armed Fighting: Expert, Dodge: Master, Fighting: Expert, Marksman: Master, Support Weapons: Adept

Gear: CS-44 Enforcer, Composite Katana, Sentrytech Mk-V Heavy Armor, PCPU, Wireless Communication Earpiece, Belt Holster, Military Uniform


Mizzy is a 2 year veteran of the TSA, having graduated the academy . Her skill as a mecha and fighter pilot is well regarded however. She joined the TSA training academy ‘late’ as she had already gone through UTG military training at 18 as an enlisted soldier. She asked for reassignment to the TSA as an officer at that point.

At the age of twenty-four, Mizzy is a very attractive woman who presents herself with an air of confidence. She enjoys living on the edge and often seeks to be the first into action, whether on the battlefield or on the slopes of her favorite ski resort. Part of what drives her is an old but friendly rivalry with the renowned Major Anthony Wright – each wants to be known as the deadliest mecha jock ever.


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