Human/Nazzadi Halfbreed

Racial interbreeding is natural. It’s what happens when two separate types of people meet and their cultures start to meld together. Those that choose mates of different races are often drawn to the exotic looks and ways of the other and vice versa. Not surprisingly, the same goes for the intermingling of the Human population with the Nazzari. It wasn’t long after the “alien” race was integrated into the New Earth Government that the first xenomixed babies were born.

Xenomixed children are uncommon, but not so unusual that most people haven’t met or known one. The Human race has accepted them with the same aplomb as their jet-black parents, but they don’t have as easy a time of it among the Nazzari. Unless a xenomixed child (or amlati in the Nazzari tongue) embraces his alien heritage, he will never truly be accepted by the Nazzari half of his family.

A xenomix is pretty much what one would expect from a union of the two species. With jet black hair, silvery gray skin, and eye colors straying into lavenders and grays, something about them is simply exotic.


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