Unpopular with police and other legal enforcement types due to their regular use by professional criminals and rebels, steps have been taken to try and get Atlantis I.G. to withdraw the range without success.

The Pro-T range is a set sealed unit polymer and ceramic firearms that are designed as one use weapons. The target purchasers are people who will need a reliable firearm in a hostile environment. The big selling point, as far as the advertising goes, is that they are completely sealed until they are first cocked. This makes them reliable weapons even after immersion in water or being buried in mud or sand.

The outer casing of the pro-tect weapons are also a tough polymer that is stain and wear resistant, the fact that this also makes them fingerprint and DNA print resistant as well is purely coincidental, at least if you ask Atlantis I.G. it is.

To prevent their use by criminals each bullet has a magnetic identity dot fitted, which identifies the serial number of the weapon that it was fitted to. Atlantis I.G. use this security measure to ‘prove’ that they are not selling weapons deliberately aimed at professional criminals. Of course the fact that these magnetic IDDs can be wiped clean by passing the weapon through any industrial electro-magnet does make this security measure pointless when dealing with pros. Of course common street thugs who try and copy the pros do get caught because of this system, so it does work in a way.

The weapons are favourites for pro criminals because they can be used and dumped without hesitation, leaving no fingerprint or DNA evidence, they are useful weapons in a fight, being reliable and having the hitting power to do the job and they do not cost the earth. The later is obviously important when you’re replacing them after each ‘mission’.


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