Berul Backgrounds

The Be’Rul have three backgrounds available to them.

Be’Rul Specialist

Be’Rul specialists make up the bulk of the Be’Rul population. Most grow up on one of the colony worlds and work in any number of fields their whole life. You have taken the path less common, but you can’t escape where you came from.

Advantages: +10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill, +10 to one Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skill of your choice, +20 Networking: Hypercorps skill

Disadvantages: 0 Starting Credit (can still buy credit with CP)

Be’Rul Explorer

You were born between the stars on one of the smaller Be’Rul ships to parents who were, most likely, scientists wanting to explore the beauty of nature. Before space travel came about your ancestors were Aristocrats and this has lead to a social stigma for explorers.

Advantages: +20 to two Knowledge skills of your choice, +10 Pilot: Spacecraft skill, may select Psi trait

Disadvantages: Social Stigma (Space Born), May not use Angels or Bio-mods.

Be’Rul Aristocrat

Born on Atkul, though you may have lived elsewhere, you are one of the ruling elite of an ancient race who have colonized many worlds. You aren’t arrogant as the humans refer to you, you are simply above them.

Advantages: +10 Protocol skill, +10,000 Credit, +20 Networking: Dynasty skill, may select Psi trait

Disadvantages: May not use Angels or Bio-Mods.

Berul Backgrounds

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