Berul History


A Be’Rul Historical Timeline can be accessed here.

The Be’Rul are a people often called the ‘Elven race with the superiority complex’ by humans, usually with some good reasons. Physically they are lithe humanoids with elongated and extended ears and slanted almond shaped eyes. The other physical trait that often separates them from others is their lifespan, the average Be’Rul barring violent death or accident tends to live 800-1000 years. Their history is far more recent for them than most other races due to their lifespans. They also have a tradition of strong organic technologies over more conventional metal and composite based ones other races tend toward using. We will comment on this more later.

Around 1000 BC Be’Rul developed a myriad of flight technologies and, within a single lifespan for them, they launched their first space launch around the year 500 BC. So while humans were founding the Roman Empire and the Greeks were playing with the idea of democracy, the Be’Rul had moved into space. The grandson of the first Be’Rul astronaut was actually at the first contact event with humanity to make your head spin even more. By the ‘birth of Christ’ the Be’Rul had colonized the farthest reaches of their home system building stations and bases along the way. A meer 500 years after that and they had launched their first low FTL ships and were colonizing 26 Draconis.

For them the next 500 years was mostly a phase of ‘perfecting’ their technologies, which lead to the development of the Raptor Class shuttle and the Vailithias ‘Fate’ Class corvette’s. Really we should pause a moment and discuss the ‘Fate’ class corvette’s. 6 person, solar sail bearing, organically grown ships capable of FTL travel and trans-atmospheric flight both up and down the gravity well of planets. It seems these were commonly single family vessels and the Be’Rul had a period of exploration by single family units. This would be like planetary survey crews today taking themselves and their kids as crew, it would be almost unthinkable outside colony missions. Even today many Fate class corvettes travel space just as they had 1300 years ago.

This period ends with them colonizing Eridanus, and another 500 years later (roughly one generation for them) later a colony being birthed in Epsilon Indi. However, sometime around here the Be’Rul had encountered a few different other races. Not all were friendly. In particular they had stories of the Nif which sound like tales of boogiemen. I would discount these stories except they are completely out of place for the Be’Rul, who have no history of telling stories to their children to scare them.

Not more than 250 years from the colonization of Epsilon Indi they designed the Ascension class Dreadnoughts, and unlike humanity which has played with one off super ships the Be’Rul made 23 of these massive ships that use comets and meteorites as weapons. And a few years after that had designed the Ciasiaf ‘Silver Wind’ class light cruisers, which are more advanced and larger versions of the older Fate series. Though it’s clear the Silver Wind weren’t seen as defense, but more patrol vessels which would then summon Ascensions. Within this 500 year period they had contact with a dozen or two alien races.

Another 150 years and they would have their encounter with the fleet of the Voyage. Now as a teen on the Voyage myself, I should say we were not exactly underequipped. We had a Memphis class escort carrier and six Olympia class corvettes as a defense force in case of trouble. I was in a forward lounge when we entered 26 Draconis and so will recount the details of the very first meeting. Soon after we had entered the system there was a flicker off to the starboard and suddenly a Silver Wind popped in off the starboard side. Not terribly impressive, but so wildly alien with its swept sail-like wings on each side making it look like a alien butterfly or some other sort of somewhat insect like design. We both started trying to understand each other and messages were carried across the ship that the vessel didn’t seem hostile.

The Be’Rul not being ones to pass up the chance to impress, nor the chance to intimidate, had called for one of the Ascensions. Within a few hours it had arrived, excited murmurs ran about the ships in the fleet as another flash of light showed the curving hull and finned design of the Ascension, but they had come in a good ways of and moved under none FTL drive to where we were. Within a few minutes of the ship moving closer everyone had stopped talking. The Silence was because we had begun to understand it’s size. If you have never seen one, it’s hard to explain how impressive these vessels actually are. Within a half hour we were still speechless, but the Ascension had pulled up alongside us. It dwarfed our entire fleet by several times, was bigger than Titan station around earth, or any other single human structure in space. It filled the forward lounges 360 degree panoramic window from end to end and we were still a good few km away. Now I know that they are 30 km long and that gives some perspective. But as first contact goes it’s a great way to impress the ‘neighbors’ they shouldn’t even think about screwing with you.

We spent the next two years working out an agreement with them. We didn’t have the fuel to get home, nor were our technologies similar enough for them to assist us in going elsewhere. Finally it was agreed we could colonize an island on one of the two habitable planets in 26 Draconis. We would however have to follow some rules, they have hefty numbers of laws about pollution for instance. Also we would strip all of our vessels for parts to build our city, we were to accept them as our hosts and give up any offensive potential we had while in their territory. Upon formalizing the deal we sent a message back to earth, though it would be a year or more until it would get there detailing our first contact experiences.

In the meantime we settled in on Myona’yi, their name for the island they gave us to use or ‘New Harbor’ to us, and created a city there. It was fairly tropical and had some incredible beaches though it would be a few years before we could actually go swimming in the water there. We invited the Be’Rul to our city openly and became something of a tourist attraction for them. In fact it became our primary business besides the biological and social sciences. It would be another 10 years though, until they joined the TSA with us, that we were allowed into their cities however.

I’m one of a few dozen humans to ever be allowed into 26 Draconis D’s ‘Heart of Beauty’ a gigantic city composed of trees up to a kilometer tall. Each tree grows and flows into the others and they carve their homes and businesses into the least impactful parts of these beautiful trees, or use the several story tall leaves to make a shelter. They have some method of molding these trees without harming them that simply boggles the mind. Even after spending a year with them inside their city I still don’t entirely understand them and I’m not sure we ever quite can. I made friends with a ‘child’ of their race who was alive when my ancestors were part of World War 2, how can we wrap our minds around that?

Berul History

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