Human and Nazzari Backgrounds

Below is the listing of Backgrounds available to Humans and Nazzari, some of these are directly reprinted from the core EP book as those can be used unchanged. Humans and Nazzari have the most diverse selection of backgrounds available.


You were raised with a social grouping that remained on the move throughout the Sol system. This could have been free traders, pirates, asteroid farmers, scavengers, or just migrant workers. You are used to roaming space travel between habitats and stations.

Advantages: +10 Navigation skill, +20 Pilot: Spacecraft skill, +10 Networking: [Field] skill of your choice

Disadvantages: None

Hyper Elite

You are privileged to have been raised as part of the ‘immortal’ upper class that rules many inner system habitats and hypercorps. You were pampered with wealth and influence that most people can only dream of.

Advantages: +10 Protocol skill, +10,000 Credit, +20 Networking: Hypercorps skill

Disadvantages: Cannot chose to be a human Flat morph.

Lunar Colonist

You experienced your childhood in one of the cramped dome cities or underground stations on Luna, Earth’s moon.

Advantages: +10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill, +10 to one Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skill of your choice, +20 Networking: Hypercorps skill

Disadvantages: None

Original Space Colonist

You, or your parents, were part of the first “generations” of colonists/workers sent out from Earth to stake a claim in space, so you are familiar with the cramped confines of space flight and life aboard older stations and habitats. As a “zero-one G” (zero-gravity, first-gen), you were never part of the elite. People from your background typically have some sort of specialized tech training as vacworkers or habtechs.

Advantages: +10 Pilot: Spacecraft or Freefall skill, +10 to a Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skill of your choice, +20 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice

Disadvantages: None


You were born and raised on earth, but weren’t an elite. One of billions you have lead a typical life sludging away for any of a number of companies or government agencies. You however have chosen to leave your old life (and possibly your friends, family, and loved ones) behind you.

Advantages: +10 Pilot: Groundcraft skill, +10 Networking: [Field] skill of your choice, +1 Moxie

Disadvantages: Only 2,500 Starting Credit (can still buy credit with CP)


You were raised in the nomadic and chaotic lifestyle common to Scum barges.

Advantages: +10 Persuasion or Deception skill, +10 Scrounging skill, +20 Networking: Autonomists skill

Disadvantages: None

Human and Nazzari Backgrounds

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