Humanity History


A Humanity Modern Timeline That can be accessed (And eventually cross-linked).

Humanity had a century of overlapping energy crisis’, starting with the world oil crisis in 2030. Soon after that they found that their energy demand exceeded any realistic supply and several modern countries soon enter massive downward spirals of economic recession and political unrest that reached a gale force by 2060. Part of this involves increased sea levels due to global warming, which has become so bad that by 2060 NYC is under more than 30 feet of water and has to be abandoned. Several smaller island nations go underwater completely and their populations have to be evacuated. Certain resources start selling for exotic prices as supplies start to dwindle.

2060 brought a change; enterprising companies decided space may be the only way out for humanity and started to explore the solar system for potential alternatives. It also marks the creation of orbital facilities and habitats in places like the moon. Of note is the L3 space station ‘Titan’ which is a orbital solar farm with a space elevator connecting it to the planet’s surface. Further exploration into the deeper areas of the solar system however runs into problems. Such as with the average round trip for such missions bordering on 3-5 years however they had some issues getting sufficient people qualified for those tasks.

2075 marked a change in this as Dynamic Genomics created a human variant genetic line they termed ‘ Nazzadi’. These people were ‘designed’ to be more space capable starting with a lower rate of muscle decay in weightless or near weightless environments. Their consumption and waste processes were also altered to be more efficient, this made it rare for Nazzadi to become ‘fat’. However the creation of what was effectively a new race of humanity was controversial at best and brought lynch mobs at worst. Certain religions considered them ‘unnatural abominations’ and called for them all to be rounded up and destroyed. Instead they were basically sent into ‘exile’ to live in space and never to set foot on earth. Normal humans in space usually had little or no issues with the Nazzadi. This however also brought a ban on further human genetic engineering.

2080 brought a new effort for humanity through the corporations. Colonization; the ‘Exodus’ class colonization ships were developed to fill this goal. The main downside to these ships being the very long travel time to actually arrive at their destinations. Travel time was a minimum of 30 years. Even so over the next 2 decades many corporations and interest groups managed to acquire Exodus class vessels and depart the system. During this period permanent facilities were setup on the moon, a space station was setup over mars, and another station was setup near the Kuiper belt. However not everything was rosy in space, disenfranchised workers would often setup rogue privateering groups and make knothole stations or facilities to live in while raiding corporate targets.

2100 was the start of a new initiative to form a united earth government, things were still fairly chaotic in general and the stability of the previous century was lacking. 2107 brought a potential end to the chaos. Arcanetechnology. Few people understood anything about it initially, but it had energy potential rivaling fusion reactors of the era for 1/10th the size and mass. In fact a vehicle could be powered by a Arcanetech power source the size of a bread box and yet more powerful than a half ton diesel engine. The Aschcroft Foundation was setup to develop Arcanetechnology and they started training technicians and engineers at the Aschcroft center of higher learning. Joint projects would be made with other companies licensing the Arcanetechnology devices which Aschcorft would keep as their guarded technology.

Arcanetech brought a radical increase to space exploration, ships could travel faster and farther than ever before. Manned mission to as far as pluto were something that could be done regularly within just a few years. This brought the pirate activities to a new high and so to the efforts of the slowly forming UTG (United Terran Government). By 2118, or about a decade after Arcanetech was introduced, the UTG deployed Arcadia Class Monitor ships near earth and started patrolling the near earth area. A decade after that brought a standardized shuttle and fighter designs and the largest UTG ships yet, the Novaria class battleships. The Novaria’s had a full wing of fighters as well as 4 shuttles. The pirates had created some smaller vessels, but most used far more primitive Rising Sun class shuttles that would be modified with weapons. The Novaria brought the UTG’s might to the reaches of the solar system, but even that wasn’t enough to get rid of the threat. 5 years after the Novaria class ships launched; comes the Memphis Class Escort carrier and 5 years after that the Olympia class Corvette. The pirate ‘threat’ was effectively ended by 2140, though the UTG kept up their combat missions for those occasions when other groups would go rogue.

Now the Nazzadi had the biggest change during the 4 decades between 2100 and 2140. Their numbers grew at least as quickly if not more so then normal humanity and in fact often in better conditions then some places on earth. The UTG lessened restrictions on them visiting earth until there were no restrictions left. And they mostly integrated into UTG society. However they still considered space their home and their culture was built around working in space by then. In fact they crewed most of the UTG’s space vessels and pirate groups were often 50/50 Nazzadi and normal human. This leads to the development of a warrior image in their culture. By 2140 they actually dismissed their ‘product’ name and called themselves ‘ Nazzari’, they even had their own language that was a hybrid of other dialects. Of the languages used English and Chinese are the most notable, they are the two most commonly spoken languages by this time. Officially however they remain ‘ Nazzadi’.

2142 marked a new era for the UTG, the pirate threat minimized they decided to take over space colonization that the corps had been running with their new Genesis Colony ships. These ships were considerably faster than the older Exodus series used by the corps cutting time down by about 6 times! The other big change upon launch was that the UTG could send a escort carrier and a set of corvettes with the colonization ships as protection. The first such fleet was launched in 2143. The year after a new ship the ‘Magellan’ class explorer was sent with the new fleets launched. 2153 marked a new version of the explorer ships, the Columbia class, and these replaced the Magellans. These launches would continue until 2158 on a yearly basis.

2158 was the year that changed everything for humanity. Why? Because it was the year they learned they were not alone in the universe. This caused considerable religious upheaval and in fact several long standing religions just couldn’t coup and imploded under the idea. But the message received from the ‘Voyage’ the first Genesis class ship to be launched was very clear. Best of all this new race, the Be’Rul, were not hostile. In fact the Voyage was given a space on the Be’Rul planet in 25 Draconis to live in.

This was actually followed by the Venture reporting back about another contact, this time with the race known as the ‘CASE’, who helped refuel and refit their vessel so they could continue onward. And only a month or two after that was the Jù lǚkè reporting back about contact with the race known as the Nevk or Nec and that group established a space station on the outer edge of the Nevk/Nec’s system and sent the combat portions of the fleet home. The advent that we weren’t alone and more that we were with many other races in the universe made the UTG decide to halt further colonization, in fact banning third parties from continuing any form of human colonization. This didn’t stop the corps from developing and building the Serengeti class survey ships in 2163 however, which skirted the law by not actively colonizing systems.

2162 and 2163 brought other news, the news that humanity had colonized Delta Pavonis and 23 Librae. Humanity now had far flung colony worlds. This spurred the creation of courier fleets to deal with supplies and information between these colonies and earth. The most popular ships to use were the Angel Class Heavy Transports developed back in 2158. When those ships had been developed they had two versions, one without FTL and one with. They had seen a potential need for FTL versions and so had planned ahead, and with these vessels already in use in-system for 6 years finding people to crew these new FTL versions proved an easy task.

2168 would bring about a monumental change though. The UTG had gathered together delegates of all the races, something that had taken 2 years of work to arrange. The UTG argued that it was in all four races (Nazzari being considered ‘human’) common interest to band together for the purposes of exploring space, doing research, providing defense, and developing the technologies to perform those 3 tasks. The Be’Rul and CASE proved most hesitant, but eventually were won over. The details took most of a year to work out and the announcement of the formation of the TSA (Trans-System Alliance) was just in time for Christmas back on earth.

A condition to the arrangement was that existing government run combat, exploration, and research vessels would be put under the authority of the TSA and no further ships of the separate races would be built. Instead a new generation of ships would be constructed utilizing technology of all four races. It takes 2 years for the first vessels, the ‘Hound’ Class Corvettes to be planned out and the design is most heavily based on human technology as they test concepts from the other races. Actual production of the first two vessels of the class however would prove to take 4 years. In the meantime a second vessel was planned the ‘Hammer’ class destroyers. More alien concepts would be brought in and the races jointly developed a new 4-way ‘crossbar’ drive design, though the Hammer had a dual 2-way, rather than four as the concept wasn’t completely ready in time. As the first Hammer class vessel ends production and begins testing the real goal is finally done with its design phase. The Valor class Cruiser is to be the core of the TSA fleets and the first true multi-purpose vessels, it has the first version of the 4-way crossbar drive system and the first vessel designed to host the new fighters and shuttle designs of the TSA.

During the years of ship buildup an academy is started on Terra to train the people from all four races that will become the crews of the new generation of ships. It’s known simply as the TSA Fleet Academy.

Humanity History

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