Originally a German company, Lancer rapidly grew into an international mega-corp during the early years of the 21st century. They started out mainly as a major projects construction company, however they have swallowed up any number of smaller companies over the decades and now own businesses involved in just about every part of life, including weapons manufacture and military hardware which have been big growth industries for the last couple of decades.

When they purchased Smithfield weaponry 15 years ago, they scrapped all the old weapons lines and concentrated their massive financial clout on the research and development side of the business. They abandoned conventional weaponry and focused on railgun weaponry exclusively.

This led to the release of the Slayer range of rail guns, which are significantly better than those in the hands of the military, however the slayer weapons come at a price. They are as expensive as they are good, well beyond the price range of the regular military, although some Special Forces units can stretch their budgets far enough to buy slayer weapons.

The slayer weapons are a lot more complex than other rail guns. In their inactive form they are sleek and compact aerodynamic shapes with smooth surfaces that would look more at home as part of an aircraft. When activated the casing opens up and the weapon reconfigures to its operational format. The parts do not even remain in physical contact with each other, instead they are held in magnetic fields, this means that the weapons smart control systems can adjust the configuration for maximum accuracy and hitting power. These weapons need a LAI to control them due to their complexity and have sonic and laser range finders as additional senses, as well as voice recognition tied to the owner.

The heavy amount of electro magnetic fields involved in the operation of the weapon can be a drawback, as the weapon can be prone to malfunction in areas where there are strong magnetic fields. Not just your naturally occurring fields, we are talking serious industrial strength electro-magnets, plasma containment fields and other top end technology.

The internal power supply cannot keep the weapon in active configuration indefinitely; they are only good for about an hour of activity before they need a change of energy cell or a recharge.


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