Nazzari History

((While the Nazzari are a offshoot of humanity and are mentioned in the history of humanity, this file is included to make their own view of their history known.))

Nazzadi/Nazzari supplement (all words in parenthesis are translation to ease understanding, first instance only):

Some would have you believe we are just some rehash of humanity, well I’m here to tell you that is Lashi (fecal matter) and don’t believe the huangyan (lies) they say. They call us Nazzadi as that is what the scientists who remade our wuzhi (substance) wanted to label us. Well those kexuejia (scientists) didn’t realize what they had done, they hadn’t made a product they made a new race! Tied by our original wuzhi to humans yes, but not to be puppets or servants. We are ourselves and none other. Humanity couldn’t except us or what we mean to the greater whole of human offspring, we were a continuation of jinhua (evolution) accelerated by human need for us. We are what they will become from being in space for generations, but they did not want to accept this in the beginning. So we were exiled from the muqin de shijie (mother world). The 100,000 of the first gen didn’t mind too much.

Instead we got to explore the reaches of the solar system! Dance to the hum of the stars! See things no human was likely to see, except those who like us were sent to see and do in the Hei (Black). Our Zuxian (forefathers/ancestors) of the first gen would be those to first see Jupiter in person and race through its rings of dust and stone. Our Zuxian would be the first to step onto the cold icey surface of Pluto. And it was not just our Zuxian, but our muqin (mothers)! Unlike our cousins we would not discriminate between our fuqin (fathers) and muqin! Some of both would join the Panjun (rebels) and be labeled haidao (pirates).

The first gen were to pass to the Hei as all eventually must and so the second gen would lead. And the second gen would lead us to a golden age, while some of the first gen had become panjun and so haidao the second would be the first to become Zhanshi (warriors). Xiongdi (Brother) was to fight jiejie (sister), but this was not an end of things! This was a discovery of the glory that is Zhandou (the fight), and one of intense hanyi (meaning)! This age to though would pass.

The third gen would take over and add to our roles. They would be the ones to fly the xiao chuanbo (little ships, ie fighters in context can also imply shuttles). They would be the ones to name us Nazzari! They would be the ones welcomed back on earth all 1.8 million of us by then, but we chose to stay in the hei as it was out home. They were the ones to facilitate a unified view of who we are. They would also be the ones to test the hei for the explorers of the fourth gen.

The fourth gen brought us the chance to explore the shen hei (deep black) with our cousins and let us taste what it is to see other stars! The fifth gen would add to this with helping to create the TSA for the Sixth gen. We now stand in the sixth gen 102 years from our origins and honor our Zuxian as we stand 5.8 million proud.

Nazzari History

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