Nec and Nevk Factions

The Nec and Nevk have essentially three factions based on the perception of those Nec and Nevk to life.


You were raised in the confines of your clans hold where exploiting opportunities over others is the only way to advance. Only the best pilots and the most cunning administrators hold power within their clan and the clans as a whole. The only ones you should be able to trust are your pryde.

Advantages: +10 Pilot: Aircraft, +10 Protocol skill, +10 to one skill of your choice, +20 Networking: Clans skill

Disadvantages: None


You were raised as part of a self-exiled group on the fringes of the pilot culture. Whether raised as part of a religious group, cult, social experiment, anti-tech cell, or a group that just wanted to be isolated, you spent most if not all of your upbringing isolated from other factions. Typically small clans sometimes chose this type of life as a means of getting away from those who would stigmatize them.

Advantages: +20 to two skills of your choice

Disadvantages: –10 starting Rep, almost always of freelancer background

Free Merchants

While money is not exactly power for the Nevk/Nec, it is a benefit to those cunning enough to claim it. This group traces it’s ancestors back to the first air pirates, and honors the pilots code as much as the progressives do. The difference is more in ideals, the free merchants believe resources are key to advancement while the progressives look for singular opportunities for advancement. It’s a difference between short term and long term goals between the two.

Advantages: +10 Pilot: Aircraft, +10 to two Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skills, +10 to one skill of your choice, +20 Networking: Clans skill

Disadvantages: None

(Note: Free Merchants can be viewed as the Nec/Nevk equivalent of Hypercorps)

Nec and Nevk Factions

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