Nevuc Terms


Douji (dough-gee): Savage jungle hunting quadruped from Nevuc, considered the most savage and stealthy of all creatures. Even aircraft didn’t help the Nevk and Nec hunt these creatures who are basically the undisputed kings of the jungle. They however taste horrible, and were hunted for the difficulty of the hunt and not for food. Often used in phrases within the Nevk/Nec language.

Nevk (Na-v-ka): ‘People of the highlands’

Nec (Niece): ‘People of the lowlands’

Pryde: Hunting Group, smallest organizational unit in Nevk/Nec society above lone hunter.

Wing: A Nevk/Nec wing is a group of 5 fighters who compose a Pryde. Wings are meant to be led by an ‘Ace’, a pilot of above average ability.
Ace: A Pilot of above average ability, usually in modern times this is decided by the Ace of Aces competition.

Clan: Clans are either ‘Hyal’ or ‘Vuh’, ‘close’ or ‘complete’. The same word refers to both types however, though even a Nevk or Nec speaking in English may say “Hyal Clan Nulitho” or “Vuh clan Tius”. ‘Hyal’ or close clans are direct family units, ie mother, father, and children. ‘Vuh’ or complete clans are the entire extended family including grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, etc… Most ‘Vuh’ clans will be 3 or 4 generations of Nevk or Nec if possible. ‘Hyal’ clans are named after the mothers use name. ‘Vuh’ clan names are traditional and passed down from more tribal days.

‘Pilot’s Code’: The basis of Nevk/Nec law which honors prowess of piloting skill and courage over anything else. Aerial duels are often the result of a dispute using the Pilot’s code as the basis for the duel. These duels can be over anything from differing viewpoints to fresh kills while hunting or even disputes over land. These duels at the clan level allow for a chosen champion to fight rather than the clan matron.

‘Ace of Aces’: An aerial competition on a yearly basis to prove who the best living pilot is. It’s also the title of the winner. In the lower rungs and at the purely local levels the competition decides who qualifies as an ‘ace’ and can hence lead a Pryde. The Ace of Ace as a title also holds a special place in the Pilot’s code and therefore Clan politics. The Ace of Aces is considered above any duel outside of the next tournament and so is the winner of any and all disputes of the Pilot’s code. The only exception is if a living former champion challenges for a duel. Because of this special status the clan that the current Ace of Ace is from holds top position in inter-clan politics, since their side is always ‘right’.

Mala’withlu Yohuli Yih (Mal-a’ with-lu Yo-how-lee Yi): It’s barely pronounceable by most non-Nevk/Nec, but one of these is basically a ‘pilot of legend’ (a literal translation is ‘Breathe of Sky, Ace of all Aces’). They defy even the Ace of Ace’s in importance, though to date it has never been given to anyone alive. Yiau Norya is the first of these, though Tiris Yeryus the first Ace to lead a Pryde on a ‘Storm Dragon’ vessel was made one as well.

Nurgei (Nur-gee): Giant fish of the Nevuc oceans. These fish can grow to be 150-200m long (450 to 600 feet roughly) and weigh several tons. Baby Nurgei are about 3m long and weigh around 200 pounds. They are known for being long lived, in fact the name means ‘immortal ocean eater’. They aren’t terribly fast by modern standards, but the Nec were plagued by them for much of their history. The other feature they are known for is their facial tentacles that can reach half again their length at full extension, these are used to coil around prey and drag it into their mouth while swimming.

Nuien (New-yin): Fastest land animal on Nevuc. It’s only around 1.5m long and typically weighs around 60 lbs., however they can reach speeds of up to 78 miles per hour (125.5 kph) for up to half an hour. They also happen to be adapted to moving among tree limbs, though when they do so they have a much lower speed. In fact they live in trees and are herbavores, they adapted to this method of locomotion due to being the favored prey of the Douji, though a Nuien with warning can leave a Douji in the dust.

Nevuc Terms

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