Other Backgrounds

Their exist a few other backgrounds that are possible as well, most notably various AI’s and Uplifts. Uplifts in general are a very new field of research and are likely to be rare.


You entered existence as a digital consciousness — an artificial general intelligence (AGI). Unlike the seed AIs, your capacity for self-improvement is limited, though you do have full autonomy.

Advantages: +30 Interfacing skill, Computer skills (Infosec, Interfacing, Programming, Research) bought with Customization Points are half price

Disadvantages: Real World Naiveté trait, Social Stigma (AGI) trait, may not purchase Psi trait, Social skills bought with Customization Points are double price


You are not even human. You were born as an uplifted animal: chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, parrot, raven, crow, or octopus.

Advantages: +10 Fray skill, +10 Perception skill, +20 to two Knowledge skills of your choice

Disadvantages: Must choose an uplift morph

Other Backgrounds

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