Other Psionic Abilities

‘Other’ is a catchall used for abilities not considered PSI, EK, or PK. Though each of these is broken down further into their own categories:

  • Biokinesis/Psychometabolism
  • Dream Control
  • Probability Alteration
  • Psychic Healing
  • Psychic Vamprism
  • Teleportation

All of which are rare, but Psychic Vamprism and Teleportation are easily the most rare and exotic abilities seen. Probability Alteration is nearly impossible to identify, usually only being identified by other Psionics who can ‘sense’ those with abilities.

Each ability uses the same Trait:

Other Psionic Abilities

Cost: 50 CP

The character has an altered brain structure and potential for their mind to exert an influence in one of the most exotic forms of Psionics. The player must chose one related skill, from then on they can access those sleights using that skill and only that skill.

Those with this trait suffer the same issues as other Psionics.

Temporary Listing…

Damage Control (modifies trauma)
Breath Control
Strike Sense

Dream Control:
Dream Projection
Reshape Dream
Lucid Dreaming

Probability Alteration:
Danger Avoidance (Like the Danger Sense trait)
Second Chance (Allows rerolls for strain)
Lucky Break (Like the Lucky trait)
Karma Bank (gain karma for critical failures to use toward making successes critical successes later, requires roll and adds strain)
Loaded Dice (Boost to gambling)

Psychic Healing:
Sleep (limited variant of PSI ability)
Life extension
Soothing Touch
Psychic Surgery
Natural Doctor
Cure Injury
Cure Disease

Psychic Vamprism:
Power Thief (Works on other Psionics only)
Lifebane (life draining Aura)
Steal Life (Damage and Regen in 1)
Drain (Causes fatigue)


Teleportation seems to involve some form of Quantum entanglement allowing the movement of objects, including the Async in some cases, to move short distances instantaneously. As one of the most rare types of Psionics to be displayed, so not much more is known.


Teleportation Sleights

Other Psionic Abilities

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