Stallag weapons are common, incredibly so, probably as common in the twenty first century as the AK47 was in the twentieth century. However despite Stallag weapons turning up in almost every firefight on the face of the planet, Stallag itself no longer exists!

Stallag industries was a Russian small arms production company producing military hardware. The company was nothing special, just another big Russian corporation with factories spread across the country, hundreds of thousands of employees and a somewhat top heavy management structure. However what it did have was Maxine Kerenko, a more than slightly brilliant analyst.

Maxine came up with a plan. Through force of personality she got it past the board of
directors, at least in part because at the time they were distracted with their own survival
and profit extraction plans and the Kerenko plan was put into operation. At the time the economy was collapsing and energy was at a considerable cost. People feared for their safety from roaming mobs, gangs of thugs, and the Russian Mafia. She would give them the means to fight back.

Stage one was Research and Development. Stallag needed to design a range of guns to specific criteria; effective but simple to produce with basic manufacturing resources. This would have been a task of Herculean proportions if they had started from scratch. However Stallag already had both a large range of modern weapons and details of a huge number of older weapon designs. This meant they were able to have the plans ready in only six months.

Stage two was the release of the full specs and blueprints for the range directly to the Russian people, so that they could arm themselves against the oncoming night. Stage two relied upon the resilience of the Russian mindset, the ability to fight till their last breath even when official military was running away. Not only would it keep the Russian spirit alive.

In Russia the plan worked and Stallag weapons are still to be found in the hands of people. However the plans were out there on the information super highway and spread across the world in days. Soon they had become the cheap option for every streetgang, petty warlord, rebels, organised crime family and psycho with access to a machine shop. Since their release Maxine Kerenko’s name has become a curse to law enforcement officers the world over, while in what remains of mother Russia she is a virtual saint.

As for the guns themselves, they are simple and rugged. They were always intended for resistance troops fighting without much support so they have to be reliable. However they are not the finest weapons on the market, accuracy suffers from the simple manufacturing techniques and the automatic weapons are prone to jam.

Most of these guns have picked up street names to go with their original Stallag designations. Some of these street names are obvious, while others are a little more obscure.

Stallag weapons also have a variable cost. They are not purchasable from your average arms store. Instead if you are building one yourself there are material costs, hire of facilities even hire of technicians. On the other hand there are loads of these weapons on the streets and they can be picked up for next to nothing if you know the right people.


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