General Campaign terminology:

UTG: United Terrain government, created around 2110 officially. Terras first worldwide government body.

TSA: Trans-Stellar Alliance. Created in 2168 with humanity as its core and the Nevk/Nec, CASE, and Be’Rul as founding members.

FTL: Faster Than Light. Typically refers to drives or devices which allow something to reach speeds faster than light can travel at. While not entirely required to travel in exo-solar situations, lack of FTL requires extreme time for transit and possibly extreme time distortion effects for objects in flight.

Exo-Solar: Movement beyond the edge of a solar system. One of several possible terms for the same things. Other terms include:

G: The equivalent of gravity on earth used as an average rating for the strength the force is exerting. It’s most common use is measuring local gravity, like a ship with zero ‘G’. This example would imply there is no real gravity in an area. It can also be used to refer to the forces working on a vehicle and it’s passengers while moving in or out of an atmosphere. So a maneuver could be rated as a ‘6G turn’. It’s last use is as a measure of force applying to an object in general while in motion. Such as a ship moving at ‘2G’ or at a force that moves you with enough force that you and the ship feel 2 times earth normal gravity. High G movement has a negative effect on humans and most other races.

AI: Artificial Intelligence. A generic name for any ‘conscious’ computer system. Often used to reference any apparently self-aware computer.

VI: Virtual Intelligence. These are computer systems that mimic consciousness to a high degree, but do not actually have a sense of self-awareness. It has been rumored however that some systems could cross this threshold during prolonged use and become true AI’s.

R&D: Research and Development. Mostly a scientific and engineering concept about how to take developing technology and apply it to real world issues.

EVA: Extra-Vehicular Activity. Going outside a object in space without some sort of a spacecraft. Typically this means going outside in only a space suit.

Age of Majority: The age at which one becomes an ‘adult’ in their society. For Humans, Nazzari, Nevk, and Nec this is currently 16. Be’Rul with their long lifespans consider 170 the age of majority. No one has yet figured out what such an age might be for a CASE.

Other categories of Terms:


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