Universal Factions

Often we went into space and found splinters of culture within other races that had the same beliefs as us, just in a new form. Many such cultures have since intermingled making race unimportant to the factions culture. Anarchists, Argonauts, Fringers, Criminals, and Socialites are all like this.


You are opposed to hierarchy, favoring flat forms of social organization and directly democratic decision making. You believe power is always corrupting and everyone should have a say in the decisions that affect their lives. According to the primitive and restrictive policies of the Inner system and Jovian Junta, this makes you an irresponsible hoodlum at best and a terrorist at worst. In your opinion, that’s comedy coming from governments that keep their populations in line with economic oppression and threats of violence.

Advantages: +10 to a skill of your choice, +30 Networking: Autonomists skill

Disadvantages: None


You are part of a scientific techno-progressive movement that seeks to solve transhumanity’s injustices and inequalities with technology. You support universal access to technology and healthcare, open source models of production, morphological freedom, and democratization. You try to avoid factionalism and divisive politics, seeing transhumanity’s splintering as a hindrance to its perpetuation.

Advantages: +10 to two Technical, Academic: [Field], or Profession: [Field] skills; +20 Networking: Scientists

Disadvantages: None


You or your faction is reluctant to deal with the rest of the transhumanity and the various goings-on in the rest of the system. Your particular grouping may have sought out self-imposed isolation, to pursue their own interests, or they may have been exiled for their unpopular beliefs. Or you may simply be a loner who prefers the vast emptiness of space to socializing with others. You might be a religious cultist, a primitivist, a utopian, or something altogether uninterested in transhumanity.

Advantages: +10 Pilot: Spacecraft skill, +10 to a skill of your choice, +20 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice

Disadvantages: None


You are involved with the crime-oriented underworld. You may work with one of the Sol system’s major criminal factions — triads, the Night Cartel, the ID Crew, Nine Lives, Pax Familae — or one of the smaller, local operators with a big stake in a specific habitat. You might be a vetted member for life, a reluctant recruit, or just a freelancer looking for the next gig.

Advantages: +10 Intimidation skill, +30 Networking: Criminal skill

Disadvantages: None


You are a member of the glitterati, the media-saturated social cliques that set trends, spread memes, and make or break lives with whispers, innuendo, and backroom deals. You are simultaneously an icon and a devout follower. Culture isn’t just your life, it’s your weapon of choice.

Advantages: +10 Persuasion skill, +10 Protocol skill, +20 Networking: Media skill

Disadvantages: May not be a human flat

Trans-System Alliance (TSA)

You are one of the few to have graduated from the TSA academy and become at least a low ranking officer with the TSA. Your goal is to be out in the universe exploring and defending the member nations of the TSA. However must other groups think you are nuts, at least, to want to brave space like this and consorting with aliens.

Advantages: +10 to two weapon skills of your choice, +10 to two Technical or Academic skills of your choice, +10 to a Networking: [Field] skill of your choice

Disadvantages: Social Stigma (TSA)

Universal Factions

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