Mule All-Terrain Vehicle


Classification: ATV/Mini-tank
Design Date:
Date of Original Manufacture:
Passengers: crew 2, 2 passenger
Cargo: 10 cubic feet/200 lbs.

  • Control Response (Ag): -1
  • Sensors (per): 0
  • Frame (Str): 7
  • Multi-Task Systems (Act): 0
  • Weapon Systems (Ref): 0


  • Speed: 60 mph (148/36 ypt)
  • Acceleration: C (2/2)


  • Integrity: 10
  • Armor: 2/2


  • Railgun (M)
  • Missile Pod (M)

The Mule was designed as a support vehicle for marine forces. It has a driver and gunner position in a tank like style, though it’s armor and weapons aren’t as heavy as tanks. It’s suspension is a reinforced four wheel system.

All weapons are mounted in the turret and consist of a 20mm snub-nosed railgun, a 4-pack of smoke grenades, a 4-pack missile pod, and a coaxial rifle/LMG mount.

Mule All-Terrain Vehicle

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